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Emecon is the pioneer in GPS tracking solutions. Our web based GPS tracking software has real time view, in-depth reporting, advanced alerts and much more.Emecon international is the premier company who provide GPS based vehicle tracking systems and vehicle monitors.In the long run from 2001 our company has proven its record as one of the leading companies which supply GPS based Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking and Fleet Management systems in the Middle East with full fledged operations in UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah. We provide the best updated tracking devices ,platform service and web applications available in the world. We can assure you the best service ever available.
Emecon is one stop shop for vehicle security and surveillance in Vehicle Tracking Industry. What makes us an unique solution is our ability to become the most reliable solution provider for customers by bestowing them with increased fleet efficiency and reduced operating costs available in the field of GPS based Vehicle Tracking Service.Our GPS tracking solution will empower you to track the exact locations of your vehicles and effectively manage them with increased fleet efficiency and reduced operating costs available in the field of GPS based Vehicle Tracking Service. Our GPS tracking solution will empower you to track the exact locations of your vehicles and effectively manage them. Emecon has become a reliable name for many companies across the Middle East and Asian Pacific Countries.
Our extensive experience in this GPS based trackers have helped us a lot to attain our present position as a leading company of Vehicle Tracking and Surveillance Solution. Feel free to contact us whenever you think of installing a Vehicle Tracking System for your company.

Emecon GPS tracking platform provides Real Time GPS Tracking that enables you to share your current location on Google Maps. Our platform uses dedicated server for customer login and vehicle monitoring. Our GPS tracking system is composed of commodity hardware, dedicated server ,software platform and an easy-to-manage user interface via a Web server with Google Map and mobile app for live tracking.
  • Retrieve track list
  • Live view of tracks on roads with pop up details
Our tracking platform enables clients to plan routes and schedule their trips. Our high performance server have a back up of 60 days and can replay the routes and tracks with all the relevant information.
  • Detailed history reports
  • 6 month back up data
  • 0 % down time dedicated server
This feature allows to set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a zone or area. The unit will send the message or alerts to all authorized alerting systems when it breaches the geo fenced area. Polygonal geo fencing is the main high light of our platform. Mark checkpoints en-route a journey and get notifications when the vehicle covers them.
  • Geofence sets a virtual perimeter
  • Rules app to set up conditions
  • Live notification to user on violation of rules
  • Accurate and live alerting system
We will show you not just where your vehicles are, but also the road conditions, so you can plan well before you send them. We will alert you regarding both traffic and roadwork/construction information, which will help you to forecast delay and to inform your customer or to decide alternative route before it is too late.  
  • Plan for alternative route and reach your customers faster
  • Save time from slow moving traffic or getting stuck in gridlock
  • Save on fuel bill from idling

Emecon tracking platform provides accurate and details reports that our clients can rely upon.
Most the business are looking for the below alerts:
  • Designated Area (POI) Alert – A vehicle enters and/or exits a specific area
  • Vehicle movement Alert – Alarm you when a vehicle moves within a time frame
  • Speed Alert – When a vehicle crosses the speed limit, also you will be able to investigate the violations through route reply.
  • Idling– A vehicle cross the idling period you set
And we have many more alerts....
Emecon tracking unit enables our clients to use their phone or PC to start and stop your vehicle remotely. The immobilizer module installed in the vehicle along with the Emecon Control Unit allows you to immobilize or initiate the vehicle engine from anywhere in the world.
  • A higher standard of security
  • Most user friendly system available
  • Presence is completely transparent to driver
Emecon development team is successful to design efficient fuel monitoring system that offers the most comprehensive solution on the market for knowing exactly how much fuel you have and where it is going. Our specialised fuel level sensor works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server. So that you can do real time monitoring of fuel volume and fleet tracking With increasing fuel costs, tracking fuel data is becoming a critical component of any cost saving exercise. Our solution is so effective that the customers typically get a return on their investment within few months.
  • Generate fuel report based on fuel level in tank
  • Fuel refilling history
  • Millage calculation
Benefits to Clients
  • Idle wastage fuel detection
  • Fuel theft detection
  • Live and accurate alerting system
Driver ID will help you to identify the responsible driver for each job. It will help you to keep record of each driver’s routes even if they operate different vehicles. Understand his current positions, and instruct him on time for your business purpose. We also install RFID reader to on vehicle dash, so the vehicle is turned on if the driver place the ID on the on the installed reader. We take details from the reader and update you directly on the report. You are not tracking vehicles alone, you are helping improve your employees too!
With the help of RFID, you will be able to know:
  • Total driving hours
  • "Productive" hours
  • Over speed report and rash driving report
  • Eco friendliness alignment report
  • Steep breaking report and Sudden acceleration report
  • Driving rating! Award the best driver very easily


Emecon international is RTA and TRA approved company which is authorized to provide RTA certificate and tracking software for the wide fleet of Rent a car companies in and around U.A.E.


Emecon can help you to make your campus environment safer using latest technologies. We are offering end to end solutions for Schools and Education sector. The solutions we provide can be customized based on your needs and installed from primary school to Adult education. Emecon is partnered with world class manufacturer for devices for its hardware solutions required for any access control, tracking or attendance management solutions. Our expertise will make sure the system is integrated well with your legacy system reducing the cost and time needed to get your program up and running.
The system is designed especially for education sector to monitor its transportation services and students. Once the student is picked up from their location, it is School responsibility to safeguard their students. Emecon school bus system can give you the solutions which will help you to track your bus as well as your students in second’s interval. The system will replace school Identify card to RFID card which will hold all necessary details regarding the pupils which will be read time to time using GPS and updated through the network to our servers. We also provide school bus attendance solutions. Our powerful RFID tag reader will make sure that the data is picked from School Bus and School Gate, for the better clarity on attendance and tracking.